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GENERAL INFORMATION 1) PAYMENT METHOD Account balances are paid monthly on the first business day of the month. If the first is on a weekend or a holiday, you will be paid on the next business day. If you would like to have your payments withheld until you reach a certain amount, you can set this with your payment info on the Payment Info form. Choosing a payment method. You have two choices for receiving payments: PayPal (Outside India) Direct account transfer (India) If you cannot be paid by either of these methods, please contact our support team for possible alternatives. PayPal Users outside India will be paid via PayPal, please be sure that the payment email address you provide is the same email address that is linked to the PayPal account you use. If a payment is returned due to an invalid PayPal address, your member account(s) will be placed on hold until this information is corrected. A fee may be deducted for a failed transaction, so it’s highly recommended you put a valid email address. Direct Account Transfer If you prefer to receive your payments directly to the account, you will need to provide all the details of your account. Required payment information fields

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    IMPORTANT: f payments are returned due to any type of insufficient or invalid account information such as an invalid PayPal address, your payments will be withheld until the next payment cycle or until the account has been properly updated by the Accounting Department.

2) ROYALTY PERCENTAGE A teacher's Royalty payment will vary depending on their Level with AskLearnGrow. Teachers will start out with a Royalty rate of 50% of the sale up to 70% (Royalty is calculated after tax/fee dedication). 3) PAYPAL DENIED If there is a note in your account that says “PayPal denied,” it means that your account is on hold because PayPal denied or returned your royalty payment. You will need to contact PayPal directly to see if there is a problem with your PayPal account or if PayPal supports your country. If you resolve the issue with PayPal, please be sure to notify the support so that the hold can be removed from your account.

4) TUTORIALS PRICING GUIDELINES AND PROMOTIONS FOR TEACHERS COURSES ("ITEMS") 1) Make sure you are pricing your items to achieve maximum sales and royalties. A lower price will create maximum sales plus larger exposure to your entire list of tutorials. 2) AskLearnGrow can modify the price of any item if AskLearnGrow felt that the price is unrealistic so that you can attract more customers 3) AskLearnGrow can also put discounts on the items without any notice. 4) Depending on the level of the Teacher the royalty will be paid on the sale. 5) Presently the Level of the Teacher starts with 60% Royalty. 6) AskLearnGrow will be promoting the items through paid advertisements, 3D party applications, and agents to boost the sales. 5) TYPES OF VIDEO TAGS FOR THE COURSE LESSONS. Every Tutorial is a set of Chapters and Lessons within the Chapter. EXAMPLE: Course: Walk Cycle Animation Tutorial Chapter: 01: Basics of a Rig Lesson 01: What is a Rig? Lesson 02: FK/IK chain working Lesson 03: Root bone and Global control Chapter: 02: Animating the leg Lesson 01: ----- Lesson 02: ----- Lesson 03: ----- Lesson 04: ----- And So on... Depending upon the Video length we have separated the Course Tags into 3 Entities:

Fasttrack- Present Mid- Future Additions(In process) Regular- Future Additions
(In process) A) FASTTRACK: These kinds of videos are the best for teaching. It has the following parameters and benefits; a1) The published course will be tagged with FastTrack if all the video lessons are a maximum of 5 minutes long. If any of the lessons cross 5 minutes duration, the fast track tag will be changed to Short. a2) Shorter length videos per lesson are easy to understand and easier to get back to for the students. a3) The video is to the point hence is more efficient. a4) These kinds of videos are best for teaching Key elements. B) MID: These kinds of videos are, b1) 10 min or less per lesson b2) if any of the lessons is above 10 mins then the course will be tagged as Regular. b3) This kind of video is best for Animation teaching. C) REGULAR: These kinds of videos are, c1) Above 10 mins per lesson c2) Anything above 10 mins will be tagged as Regular and there is no limit on the length of the video per lesson. Sometimes it’s not possible to create FastTrack or Mid-level videos but it’s advised to keep the length of the video per lesson as short as possible. c3) Tutorial consisting of an Hour-long video is not recommended, as it becomes difficult for a student to follow along the whole length plus the Student may want to scroll the video back and forth to clear the doubts created within the video. 6) AUDIO AND MUSIC GUIDELINES FOR THE VIDEO 1) You will keep the Voice Audio clean and easy to understand. 2) Primary Language of the Video Tutorial at present is only English. 3) If you do add Background music then it's recommended that you keep it to a minimum. 4) You will not advertise yourself or any platform or program, keep the video limited to teaching. AskLearnGrow will take action as per Terms of Services. 5) You will make sure You have all the permission to use the Music/sound effect if any. Check the Terms of Services. AskLearnGrow doesn’t take any responsibility for any copyright infringement. And might take down the video if found guilty of so. 7) Linking Youtube/Vimeo Videos We currently support Youtube and Vimeo videos. Here are a few tips to get you started on how to set the Visibility option of your videos. A) Visibility Option 1) If you are publishing free Tutorials then the youtube video linked can be set to visibility "Public" on the Youtube channel. Same on Vimeo 2) If you are publishing Paid Tutorials then make sure to set the visibility of the linked video "Unlisted" on the Youtube channel. For Vimeo, you need to buy a subscription for setting the videos unlisted. 3) Do not set the video visibility to private on Youtube/Vimeo channel as the video won't be reachable to anyone apart from you. If you have any doubt please contact us at B) Tutorial video length and key points Students want to learn things faster so a small and to the point video tutorial is what they expect. Here are some tips to make your tutorial stand out and attract more students to buy your course: 1) If you have an hour-long video then separate it into 5-6 short videos. Split the videos and upload them on Youtube/Vimeo and link them separately as lessons. 2) More lessons per chapter is more beneficial than just one Chapter with a video. So take some time and create an attractive module. 3) Noone likes to see the loading icon or cursor moving too slow on the screen. We highly recommend that you trim bits that are not necessary. 4) Whenever you make use of shortcut keys then please address it in the video tutorial. 5) Tutorials without sounds will not be accepted. 6) English is the default language of the tutorials on the platform but not limited to it. You can upload videos in your native language. Please mention the language in the Description. C) Should you or should you not have your video on a tutorial This is one of the key features which we would like to address the new teachers joining our platform. 1) You can have your live video on the tutorial video but do it only for the preview video. This preview video is accessible to everyone and is one to make an impact on the student. This preview video gives an insight of what you are teaching in the tutorials. So feel free to add yourself to the preview video. 2) But we recommend (Not necessary) that for your tutorial videos you avoid putting your Live video until it's highly required. Having a Live video on the same screen can be sometimes distracting and also tends to trim the software you are teaching.

7) Product and Service Agreement - ALG user agreement

This ALG user agreement applies to all the downloadable products and professional services like courses sold via AskLearnGrow website unless a custom agreement or license is provided by the Seller. This ALG agreement is between the Seller and the Buyer. Buyer agrees to the following terms by Clicking on "I Agree" or "Downloading" products in the form of courses or models. 1) All content on AskLearnGrow once bought are free for commercial and non-commercial use unless and until a custom made agreement/license is exclusively provided by the Seller. 2) You can alter the product for your commercial or non-commercial usage.

Seller agrees to

1) Sell his and only his creations and not infringe any copyrighted material on AskLearnGrow. Incase if found then the actions will be taken according to the "Terms and Conditions".

2) Grants permission to the buyer to use or alter the product and use it for commercial or non-commercial use incase a cutome made agreement is not provided by the Seller.

3) Grant access to AskLearnGrow to refund the money to the buyer incase the product is reported by the buyer. And the money will be deducted from the Sellers wallet.
8) Advertising On AskLearnGrow LET US HELP YOU REACH YOUR AUDIENCE AskLearnGrow is one Stop for creative Teachers and Students all around the world. It provides you the best global reach possible. We have an active users platform and online sessions hosted every minute. This platform is the best place for your brand to shine or for your company’s promotions. The best thing is we provide the option to advertise to a specific audience. Just get in touch to learn more about it. We have 2 options- Advertisement and Promotions. You can avail both or any as per your needs. Don’t know how to create a banner for advertising then do not worry. Let our experienced team create a campaign for you. For Advertising or promotional services please contact us at