Sculpting a hyper realistic Bug/Insect in Zbrush in 2 Hours

A complete step-By-Step process. In this course you will learn techniques and tips that are involved in the insect/Bug creation. This techniques will come handy for any Creatue development.

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Instructor: Denis
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This course is a step by step process on the detailing of a hyper-realistic insect model.  You will create this character in 2 hours straight.

-Every video is at a normal speed so that you see every step at easy and learn quickly.

-Tips are shared throughout the video for faster progress.

-By the end of the course you can be assured that you will be able to utilize the knowledge to design your own creature or insect designs.

-The proces involved is not only limited to insect sculpting but can be used for any Creature/Fantasy character.

Q. What do we start with in the course?

A. We start with a vey basic insect model. This model can be downloaded with the course. You can follow along with each video.

Q. Any plugins required?

A. No. Only Zbrush.

  • Frist part of outlining the basic line flow on the insect 00:15:54
  • Sculpting the insect(creature) Part 01 00:16:31
  • Sculpting the insect(creature) Part 02 00:16:27
  • Adding details to the insect/creature face 00:20:19
  • Adding details to the body of the insect/creature 00:21:20
  • Insect/Creature Wings Creation technique- LineWork 00:04:22
  • Insect/Creature Wings Detailing 00:20:56
  • Final detailing and Wings duplication 00:26:37
  • Final turntable video of the Insect/Creature 00:00:44

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Over 10 Years of Experience in the 3D Animation industry. I've worked on Games, Animation series, and known brands. My specialty is 3D modeling for which I use a pipeline between Zbrush and Maya/3dsmax.

$5 $15
  • 02:10:00 hours On demand videos
  • 9 Lessons
  • Full lifetime access