Wild Boar (Croods Animation style)

Animals / Mammals
Instructor: Paul N
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The Wild Boar is hand polypainted in Zbrush.


File Format:

Zbrush (.ztl)






The character is highly detailed and fully polypainted in Zbrush. 

The model comes with a low-poly. You just need to unwrap it and export the mesh to other 3D software for rigging.


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File Extensions

.fbx .obj .stl .ztl

Downloadable Files

Wild_Boar_FBX.fbx Model
Wild_Boar_Obj.fbx Model
Wild_Boar_Stl.fbx Model
Wild_Boar.ztl Model

About the Author

Paul N

Lead Character Modeler and Rigging Artist. I got into the rigging to see my characters come to life. Rigging as it may sound quite technical but once you get hold of it it's more like automation. It's like putting life into a doll.

$15 $25