Sport Equipement Set

Environment / Props
Instructor: ArtIsLife Z
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The sports kit includes

  1. Tennis Racket
  2. Cricket Bat
  3. Hockey Stick
  4. Bowling Ball
  5. Golf Stick

All the models have clean poly mesh. 

All models are textured.

textures materials uv-mapped
tennis cricket bat hockey stick bowling ball golf stick 3dmodel game textured
File Extensions

.mb .obj

Downloadable Files

BaseBall_Bat.obj Model
Bowling_Ball.obj Model
Cricket_Bat.obj Model
Golf_club.obj Model
Hockey_Stick.obj Model
Sports_Equipements.mb Model
Tennis_Racket.obj Model
Ball_hole_txt.jpg Texture
Baseball_Bat.jpg Texture
Cricket_Bat.jpg Texture
Golf_Club.jpg Texture
Hockey_Stick.jpg Texture
Racket.jpg Texture

About the Author

ArtIsLife Z

Creating Low-Poly props for games and animation.

$12.99 $32.99