Rhino (Croods Animated movie style)

Animals / Mammals
Instructor: Sidey Sidey
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Rhino is hand polypainted in Zbrush. A unique design and textured in Zbrush.


File Format:

Zbrush (.ztl)




The character is highly detailed and fully polypainted in Zbrush. 

The model comes with a low-poly. You just need to unwrap it and export the mesh to other 3D software for rigging.


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rhino rhinoceros woolly Paraceratherium linxiaense animal 3dprint 3dmodel extinct animation
File Extensions

.obj .ztl

Downloadable Files

Rhino_HighPoly_OBJ.obj Model
Rhino_LowPoly_OBJ.obj Model
Rhino.ztl Model

About the Author

Sidey Sidey

5 years of Industrial Experience. Open for commission work.

$10 $15