Crocodile (Stylized/Semi-Realistic)

Zbrush / Creature & Monster
Instructor: Denis
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High Quality Sculpt plus Polypainted in 

File provided: 


Zbrush (.ztl)


It's a high poly mesh but highly detailed absolutely amazing for your project or TV/game platform.

If you want to create a story around them they are perfect.
The design may be stylized but the details are real.

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File Extensions

.obj .ztl

Downloadable Files

Crocodile_Stylized_Model.ztl Model
Crocodile.obj Model

About the Author


Over 10 Years of Experience in the 3D Animation industry. I've worked on Games, Animation series, and known brands. My specialty is 3D modeling for which I use a pipeline between Zbrush and Maya/3dsmax.

$5.99 $55.99