Alien Plants

Environment / Props
Instructor: CGArtist
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Fully textured Sci-fi plant. There are 3 versions of the unique colorful plants.

Low-poly model. Quad modelled. So sub-divisions can be applied to the model. 
The m

Highly professional and detailed model. Hand painted texture.

Light set-up is already done.

Mesh is very clean good for Games, TV or Animation.

Files included






Texture files


Texture Map - 1024x 1024


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textures materials uv-mapped
plant scifi alien flower foliage
File Extensions

.fbx .ma .obj

Downloadable Files

Alien plants.fbx Model
Alien plants.mtl Model
Alien plants.obj Model Model
Plant_01.jpg Texture
Plant_02.jpg Texture
Plant_03_01.jpg Texture
Plant_03.jpg Texture
PlantPot.jpg Texture

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A passionate artist who wants to share knowledge with others.

$3.99 $10